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Around 13 God placed a desire in my heart to start a ministry. I had absolutely no clue how that would happen or what that would look like, but I kept praying that the Lord would make a way. During this time, the youth group I was attending was in-between youth pastors. I had several opportunities to lead lessons for my youth group and through leading these lessons I realized that I had a passion for public speaking. I continued to pray for ministry opportunities and the Lord continued to open doors. I went on two overseas mission trips, spoke at local Christian events, and even began dating the new youth pastor's son who is now my husband.

At 16 I learned how to sew and began making scrunchies and posting them for sale on Instagram. I never imagined or planned for this little hobby to take off, but the Lord had other plans. In less than a year I was told by a CPA that I needed to get a business license and start paying taxes for my business. In a month and a half, I built a website, registered as a business, and figured out how to track and pay taxes. On January 2nd, 2020 I launched a hair accessory business called Abby's Threads. I quickly realized that I had a mind and passion for business, but I wanted Abby's Threads to be a platform for ministry. I was able to use social media and my website to share information about the Bible and the gospel. I had so many women reach out to me asking questions about salvation and getting started in Bible study. In 2021 I began praying over a mission statement that could be the filter through which I would operate Abby's Threads. The Lord led me to the statement "Read it, believe it, live it". Along with hair accessories, I began designing Bible study notepads, writing digital Bible study guides, and designing conversation starters. At the beginning of 2022, I set a goal to become more ministry based, and no longer sell hair accessories. In June of 2022, Abby's Threads rebranded to become RBL Ministries. The Lord continued to increase my passions for business and I prayerfully decided to pursue a degree in accounting with the goal to one day become a CPA so that I can better steward the ministry based business He has blessed me with. 

Every time I think about my journey with business and ministry, I am humbled by God's faithfulness. I felt called to ministry at a very young age, but I also have a passion for business. God does not do anything by accident. He knows our hearts. He knows our gifts, talents, and desires, and He took all the things I'm passionate about and brought them together in RBL Ministries. It is a pleasure and a blessing to serve other women through this ministry. I am so excited to see what the Lord can do with RBL Ministries, and I am honored to have you be a part of the journey.

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