From Hinduism to Christianity: Amisha's Testimony

Hi my name is Amisha! I am 20 years old and was raised a Hindu/Sikh. I gave my life to Christ when I was 15 years old! Growing up, I was raised in a really broken family. My Dad and Mom had an arranged marriage and my Dad was pretty emotionally abusive. Many of my childhood nights were spent waiting for the cops to settle disputes between my parents and calm my sister and I down. We had frequent panic attacks, were often put in the middle of my parent's arguments, and ultimately that led to a lack of structure and comfort.
Besides the religious part, my Mom and I have always been super close! She has always been such an amazing mom who worked so hard and cared for my sister and I.
When I was 8, my Mom finally was able to file for divorce. My parents separated and my Mom then reunited with her high school sweetheart and he, a few years later, became my Stepdad. Unfortunately, this relationship wound up ten times more awful than the last. As of January this year, my Mom and I now live together while my Sister is in college and we are finally safe!
 In the midst of all this tension, I came to know the One True God! I was raised to believe that there were thousands of gods. That the evil eye is good, horoscopes are fine, we are reincarnated when we die, and so many other false teachings. In February of 2018, a student had unfortunately taken his life at my High School. It was so unbelievably heartbreaking for the community I grew up in and hundreds of people showed up to his funeral service. The Lord had a divine plan for that day! He revealed Himself to me through this student's father sharing the Gospel. I was sitting in that Church with my sister and my best friend, Jules. Jules grew up in a Bible Believing family and she had many times tried to share Jesus with me. My heart had been hard towards Christ and I had believed He was the "american God". Little did I know, she had been praying for my salvation for years on a sticky note! After hearing the Gospel that day, I immediately, and I mean literally five minutes after the service ended said: "I want to be a Christian. I want to know Jesus!" Jules and my sister thought I was joking (I don't blame them considering my personality at the time!). However, I was dead serious and I called my Dad in the car to share the news. He thought it was weird but didn't care to fight it. I went home so excited to tell my Mom because I thought she would be so happy! Wrong. She was pretty upset. I can see now where it's scary to think someone "converted" your child. But as Believers, we know it isn't like that. The power of the Gospel is that Jesus and Jesus alone saves us! Not any human being. 
Two months after the funeral service in April of 2018, it was 2 am and I was talking to Jules and her older sister Rachael, who is also a very strong Believer. They asked me questions about hinduism and why I believed what I did. I couldn't give an answer to their question, "If God can do everything and that is the definition of God, then why do you believe in millions?" Logic defends the cross! I asked them "how do I even become a Christian?" Jules said, "ask Jesus to reveal Himself to you and He will, then repent, and give your life to Him!" I prayed before we slept that night and asked Him to. No surprise, He appeared in my dream! There was a light near Jules's window and I woke up knowing I am ready to follow Him. I felt the Holy Spirit so strongly that night! I started going to Church and faced a lot of backlash from my family. The Holy Spirit gave me strength to go regardless! I lived lukewarm for two years until 2020 when I truly surrendered all to Him! I got baptized in October of 2020 but was threatened emotionally and physically for a while after (not by my mom). My Mom actually did show up to my baptism and after, supported my faith entirely! It has been three years since then and the Lord is daily sanctifying me and showing me His beautiful love! I have shared the Gospel, the end times, and all in between to my family and now it's up to God to save them from a demonic religion!
I have a podcast called Speak Life by Meesh where I share Biblical truth in hopes to lead more young adults to step out of a lukewarm life and be all in for Christ! I am in Cosmetology school and continuing to sing. I grew up auditioning for TV shows like AGT, The Voice, and American Idol but now have only the desire to sing for the Lord and not Hollywood!
Christ has drastically changed the trajectory of my life and I just couldn't be more grateful for our Sweet Savior and the incredible community He has given me! I continue to pray for my parents and sister's salvation everyday and I am very thankful that despite all the tension I grew up in, my family is truly trying to understand me now and everyone is kind to one another, including my real dad. That is an answered prayer in itself. Thank you for taking the time to read my testimony and I pray it only points you to The Father! Anything good I have ever done, came from Him and not me. Please pray for my family's salvation and if you don't know Jesus, run to Him! He is The Living Water! Sending so much love to anyone reading this!
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